Pioneer of power by solar, battery and wind!


Having a team with thousands of MW power generation projects track record in Asia Pacific, we are well-versed in every step of renewable energy development, construction, financing and operation.

Our rich business network across East Asian and ASEAN countries enables us to make optimal choice, from site selection, community communication, to technology partners and banks.

Moving forward efficiently and proficiently, Aster Renewable is growing to be the shining star of APAC's renewable energy business.


Leading Renewable Energy Expert in APAC!



Aster Renewable is developing and building solar power system from rooftop, fishery pond, reservoir, to bay and grounds with a variety of mounting technology and grid connection mechanism. In addition, we are actively working on the development of on-shore wind and energy storage projects with cutting-edge battery technology.


Aster Renewable is developing over 500MW wind power generation projects in Vietnam. Commitment by Vietnam government in COP26 has also significantly enlarged the space of renewable development in this fast-growing country. We will be commencing constructions of a few wind farms in 2022, alongside projects of ground mounted PV and C&I rooftop solar for DPPA arrangement.


Currently, Aster Renewable has projects under development in other markets, such as Thailand and Singapore. We are optimistic of the business opportunities in floating solar, C&I rooftop solar and energy storage in these markets.